What spare parts can we supply?

Are you looking for a top quality car spare part wholesaler in the UK?  You do not need to look around further, here is your one-stop-shop and you are on the correct webpage.


We are a wholesaler of most known brands and ready to supply you high volume of your auto spare parts demand. We provide genuine OEM parts and quality aftermarket parts from the leading suppliers from all over the world.


Our product range consist of:

- Air and Oil Filtration

- Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Brake Calipers, Brake Shoes

- Alternators, Radiators, Shock Absorbers, Spark Plugs, Body Panels

- Wheel Cylinders, Springs, Ignition Coils and Lead Sets

- Wing Mirrors

.... plus many more car parts which we cannot list in here. Please send us your part number(s) and we will quote you the best price and lead time.

Mekyard has been founded in 2011 in Sheffield/UK and also has a support office in Ankara/Turkey and supplies products to EU as well as to CIS region.

Besides our other product offerings we are also a wholesaler of auto aftermarket spare parts and actively selling different type of brands and models of spare parts to EU and CIS region. Our motto is to satisfy our clients.


About us?